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Logistics Case Study Examples

Examples of documentation from the Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Information Security Management System operated by a warehouse, distributing printing & packaging media

Sample of Data Protection (GDPR) Documents
Demonstrates management commitment to data protection
Data protection impact assessment

Sample of Environmental (ISO 14001) Documents

Environmental Policy.pdf

Demonstrates management commitment to the environment

Environmental Aspects.pdf

Environmental risk management plan

Sample of Health & Safety (ISO 45001) Documents

Health & Safety Policy.pdf

Demonstrates management commitment to occupational health & safety

Risk Assessment &
Method Statement.pdf

Lists the occupational hazards & calculates the severity of risk (low, medium or high)
Defines the ‘safe system of work’ to protect people as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’
Not to eliminate all risk, but to reduce the level of risk to “low”

Samples of Information Security (ISO 27001) Documents

Information Security Policy.pdf

Demonstrates management commitment to occupational information security

Risk Assessment.pdf

Identifies threats to a Personal Computer

Statement of Applicability.pdf

Identifies controls for a Personal Computer

Samples of Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) Documents

Quality Manual Index.pdf

Lists the policies & procedures for the administration of a warehouse

Quality Policy.pdf

Demonstrates management commitment to quality

Quality Procedure.pdf

The procedure which explains the process of approving suppliers

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